Back To School Dog Daycare In Miami!

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Back To School Dog Daycare In Miami!

August 23, 2019 BLOG 0

Back To School Dog Daycare In Miami!

Well, summer vacation has come and gone. Unfortunately, the summer break is ending and it is back to school for students and teachers. On the bright side it is a great time to build new bonds, learn new things and further expand on our futures. We here at freeDOGm understand the importance of education and socializing with our peers, and just like us humans, our dogs should have the same opportunity.

We here are freeDOGm are offering enrollment for our doggie day care! Your pooch will be playing, roaming and running freely with other doggies all day in over 20,000 sq ft. of indoor/outdoor parks.

Our dog care specialists keep a constant eye on your beloved fur-baby to make sure they are safe, well behaved, and friendly socializing with their buddies. The pooches are divided into groups according to size and sociability to ensure their comfort and respect their natures.

Our pup “teachers” will help your doggie in every subject, from playtime to rest/nap time in our air conditioned indoor parks, where they can relax and enjoy their time with their fellow classmates. Our outdoor facility is unlike anything South Florida has to offer. They will absolutely love our artificial grass area for “physical education” classes.

We are Miami’s premier over night and extended stay solution for all your dog boarding needs. This is the perfect time to enroll in our doggie daycare! Click here to learn more and make sure to pack their lunch!

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