How to find a good dog boarding facility

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How to find a good dog boarding facility

March 9, 2019 BLOG 0

How to find a good dog boarding facility

Finding a dependable overnight dog boarding service in Miami can be a worrisome task. There are several key points to look for when choosing the right facility to watch your beloved pup. The first thing that one should look for is safety. Safety is a priority when finding the right overnight dog boarding service. We here at freeDOGm are at the top of the list as far as safety is concerned!

Our state-of-the-art facility is made to cater to all sizes and breeds of dogs and our staff is highly trained to support and make your pooch feel secure in their environment. Many other overnight dog boarding companies in Miami do not have the staff to properly watch and guide the dogs in a safe manner. The team here at freeDOGm speak “dog” fluently and will help you sleep at night knowing that your four-legged-friend is as safe as they can be.

The second major key point to look for when seeking out the right overnight dog boarding services are the facilities. freeDOGm has one of the largest and most comprehensive facilities in all of South Florida. We have over 20,000 Sq. Ft. of indoor/outdoor areas in which your pup can roam free just as nature intended. We organize and categorize all of our guests into groups and sizes to insure that they are having the time of their lives in our resort-style doggie hotel!

We understand that having your dog away from home can be a stressful occurrence, but we at freeDOGm are here to make sure you and your beloved fur-baby are as happy as can be! Click here to learn more about our services and book your pooches stay today!

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