Overnight Cat Boarding In Miami

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Overnight Cat Boarding In Miami

August 3, 2019 BLOG 0

Overnight Cat Boarding In Miami

We love our cats, there’s no doubt about that. They are an important part of our families and are always quick to show their affection for you. We here at freeDOGm love and care about our cats just as much as our dogs. We are the perfect “home away from home” for your cat when you are away on vacation or for business.

Many cat owners understand that their furry companions are very independent and may try to leave them at home alone when they travel, but that is not always a great idea. Cats need affection and attention just as any other pet. We here at freeDOGm are the best overnight cat boarding service in Miami and South Florida.

We have a world-class facility that caters to all of your cats needs.  As part of the resort services, your cat will be able to enjoy our amazing cat gym. Let your cat scratch, climb, roll around and play freely in our elevated platforms. This cat gym has multiple scratching posts, covered using sisal rope (which all cats love). The cat gym has numerous condos, tunnels and ladders so that they get to play until their hearts are content.

Our cat gym is strategically designed for them to enjoy their stay with us in a monitored and safe environment. We understand that having your cat away from home may have you feeling uneasy inside but there is no need to worry!

We are cat specialist with a love for your furry friends. Make sure to book your cats stay with us today! Click here to learn more and book they suite at the best cat boarding hotel in Miami and South Florida!

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