About Us

Dog Hotel & Resort

At freeDOGm, we are dog lovers + caregivers who believe in freedom and providing outdoor space, lots of space, wide open all natural space where dogs can run free. We believe in providing a pet healthy environment for your dog to play, socialize and exercise. This is the perfect place for your doggie to have a fun loving, energetic, anxiety-free and relaxing experience while you are working or traveling, or shopping!


For dogs’ stay to be filled with joy, happiness and freedom while providing their owners with guilt-free peace of mind.


We are committed to a relaxed indoor and outdoor environment. Yes your dog may romp and play but that all leads to a fulfilling experience and leads to him be completely relaxed and ready for television recreation or sleep. We believe in cleanliness. Cleanliness is everything for you and your dog. We want you to have the peace of mind knowing it is such


freeDOGm is the only dog hotel resort and daycare introducing 14,500 sq.ft. all natural green space for your four-legged friend to roam freely and offering a relaxed indoor and outdoor environment. Conveniently and strategically located in the heart of Wynwood in Miami, our pet hotel offers spacious and comfortable hotel rooms, ranging from 20 sq.ft. regular rooms up to our 96 sq.ft. deluxe suite for you to choose!

Since our dogs have different shapes and sizes, we feature three large outdoor parks with playing facilities and an indoor lounge area where your doggie can chill, watch TV with his/her playmates, and share some snacks as opposed to staying home alone!

By bringing together a team of qualified and experienced pet professionals under a single roof, we’re able to offer specialized care and services, all supported by the strength and resources of a team focused on you and your pet! This has helped us to become a trusted pet caretaker so your dog feels as being in its second home!


freeDOGm is earth friendly, featuring the AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry system – a state of the art cleaning technology that drastically improves the appearance and sanitation of our pet care facility by removing the soils and contaminants out of the environment, and flushing them down the drain. A hot cleaning solution is sprayed on the surface then rinsed and vacuumed away leaving the surface clean, residue-free and dry.

At freeDOGm, we have eliminated the antiquated cleaning processes of heavy portable vacuums, unsanitary mops and buckets, brooms and dusters and any system that re-distributes soils and contaminants back into the environment, all by installing the AQUA-AIR Wet/ Dry Total Cleaning System in our facility.


Although we would love to spend all day every day with our pets, we know that unfortunately that is not possible and sometimes guilt of leaving them home alone for many hours inevitably follows. However, there is no need to feel like that anymore since freeDOGm has the solution for you and your pet! While you go to work, travel for business or pleasure, or shopping, your dog can spend the day with us, get the necessary exercise and be happy!


For information and pricing, please call us at 786.502.8880, email us at reservations@freeDOGm.com or

visit us at 101 NW 24th Street, Miami, FL 33127.

Offering pet care like it has never been offered before! Come and visit us today!