Cat Hotel

Dog Hotel & Resort


freeDOGm offers cat hotel and kitty resort services. We love cats as much as we love dogs and offer a complete home care service for our feline friends.

• Bedding is provided for all guests.
• We encourage you to bring their two favorite toys and their special or preferred treats from home to make their “freeDOGm suite” most enjoyable. Please label all belongings.
• The kitties will be playing in their own cat condos, with 1 individual play times at the kitty resort/cat patio
• Our cat care lovers and specialists keep a constant eye on your kitty at all times during their stay
• Check out time: 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM.   If your cat is picked up after 12 PM then a half daycare charge will be added.
• In order to avoid stomach complications due to change in diet, please bring your own pets food in separate zipper locked bags per serving.
• However, house food is available at a cost. The choice is yours but we prefer to keep the cats life as consistent as possible to lower his anxiety and continue to give them the things they love.
• If you cat needs medications, they can be offered and administered at an additional cost.
• We offer additional private playtime in our playground cat gym at a cost
• Check in time: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  If your cat is dropped off before 3 PM then a half day care charge will be added.
As part of the resort services, your cat will be able to enjoy one play time in our 92” playground cat gym. Let your cat scratch, climb and play freely in five elevated platforms covered with faux fur, which is soft to touch. This cat gym has multiple scratching posts, covered using sisal rope. The cat gym has numerous condos, tunnels, and ladders. The steps make it easy for the cats to go up and down the tree.

This playground cat gym, is strategically designed for them to have all the fun and safe entertainment they need, while they are away from home.