Miami’s Best Obedience Dog Training

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Miami’s Best Obedience Dog Training

July 13, 2017 BLOG 0

Learn more about Miami’s best obedience dog training!

Miami's Best Obedience Dog Training

Miami’s Best Obedience Dog Training

Having perfect synergy with your pup is every pet owners dream. Sometimes our four legged friends tend to stray away from that relationship and act disobedient. Luckily, we at freeDOGm have the perfect solution!

We will help you tackle your puppy’s/dog’s disobedience, by providing you with the techniques and tools you need most. By encouraging trust and positive reinforcement only, our specialist will help you to become the best dog owner you can be so that your pet becomes your best companion.

We believe in well behaved dogs in order for them to be free.

Private lessons will allow your dog to progress in obedience and skills quickly! Each session is customized to your dog’s individual needs. A comprehensive training plan will be created to help your dog accomplish their set goals. With the use of reward-based techniques, interactive games, and situational activities, your dog will learn and practice important life skills, benefiting both you and your canine.

Want to be more involved with your dog’s learning progress? Our owner and dog one-on-one sessions will give you the opportunity to learn and practice steps of training with the assistance of a certified trainer. During lesson, owners learn how to prevent and correct bad behaviors and receiving step-by-step training techniques to significantly improve your dog’s attention and manners.

Our Doggy Day camp offers the most unique and convenient training program!

Drop off your pup for both daycare and obedience training. With both daycare and an hour of small group training, your dog will get the mental and physical stimulation they need! During Canine Camp, dogs perform a variety of activities that are designed to encourage them to learn, problem solve and gain confidence. Our Camp is perfect for any dog that already knows their basic obedience, but needs further practice.


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