Overnight Dog Boarding During The Holidays

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Overnight Dog Boarding During The Holidays

November 23, 2019 BLOG 0

Overnight Dog Boarding During The Holidays

Traveling during the Holidays can sometimes be hectic and time consuming. Many of us have to travel to visit family and friends and worry about leaving our four legged loved ones back at home. With a lot on your mind this time of year, we here at freeDOGm are making your travels a little less stressful.

Rest assured that when your pup stays at our luxurious overnight dog boarding hotel, they are as safe as can be. Our staff is properly trained to give your dog the attention they deserve. We take pride in assuring the safest and cleanest indoor/outdoor facility in South Florida.

With a keen eye on cleanliness, our overnight hotel guarantees that your pup will feel as if they never left home. The attention to detail and overall experience your dog will feel will guarantee that they will have the time-of-their-lives. While you are searching for flights and hotels for you and your family, make sure to book your dogs holiday stay with us! Click here to book their stay!

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