Safe Puppy Daycare In Miami &The Best Overnight Puppy Boarding

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Safe Puppy Daycare In Miami &The Best Overnight Puppy Boarding

October 12, 2019 BLOG 0

Did you just get a new puppy? Are you amazed and feeling all cuddly inside with your new fur baby? If so, we here at freeDOGm know the feeling! We love our puppies and are happy for you and your households new addition.

Having a new puppy is a rewarding experience which requires a ton of attention. Unfortunately, sometimes life comes calling and we must take time away for work or recreation. Leaving your puppy at home may feel like a burden but we here at freeDOGm have the solution!
We offer Miami’s best overnight puppy boarding service. Our exclusive resort-like facility will insure your pup is as happy as the can be. We cater to all dog breeds and sizes and will entertain them until their heart contents. We offer a vast open area for them to roam free, just like nature intended. Our dedicated staff of highly trained puppy lovers will cater to all your pups needs.

Whether you are traveling locally or overseas, you can look to freeDOGm as your go-to overnight puppy boarding service. Our hotel/spa-like atmosphere will surely leave a lasting impression on both you and your pup. Make sure you book your dogs stay with us today, click here!

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