Small Dog Overnight Boarding In Miami

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Small Dog Overnight Boarding In Miami

March 6, 2020 BLOG 0

Having a smaller dog is amazing! You can take them pretty much anywhere and they will always be the center of attention. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding an overnight boarding service for your small pooch, many worries will arise. Will they be safe? How do I know they will receive the care they deserve?

Well, we here at freeDOGm have what it takes to pamper your little friend in our resort-style facility. Unlike other overnight dog boarding hotels in Miami and South Florida, we offer the safest and most secure boarding service for your little dog.

We believe in concierge-like service when your little pup stays with us. Even though we also cater to medium and large dogs as well, we organize all of our guests by size to insure their safety and an overall happy experience.  Therefore, your little furry baby will be playing and socializing with same-sized dogs

Our staff is highly trained to cater to all dog sizes and breeds, especially little dogs! Your small buddy will be pampered and watched over like the King/Queen they are. To insure their comfort, the pooches are divided into groups by size and personality. This allows your pet to receive the maximum amount of playtime in a fun and safe environment.

Our large indoor/outdoor parks have big shaded areas with fresh water and pet cods for the doggies to rest if they desire.  In addition, and depending on the weather, breed, and/or special need,  they rotate throughout the day into our air conditioned indoor park to rest, nap or relax.

Click here to learn more and book your stay at Miami’s best small dog boarding hotel!

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