Dog Hotel & Resort


Your pooch will be playing, roaming and romping freely plus enjoying the opportunity and joy of socializing with other doggies all day in our 14,500 sq ft. of our all natural, outdoor parks with well shaded areas to rest under or escape the sun.

• We offer the indoor and outdoor parks for off-leash playtime all day (unless otherwise requested).

.• The pooches are divided into groups according to size and sociability to ensure their comfort and respect their natures.

• Our dog care specialists keep a constant eye on them to make sure they are safe, well behaved, and friendly socializing with their buddies.

• The doggies will take rest/nap breaks in our air conditioned indoor parks, where they can relax and enjoy TV and snacks with their friends.

• Personalized one on one play time is available at an additional cost.

• Food will not be provided unless requested, in which case we recommend to bring their own food in order to avoid stomach complications due to change in diet. Pet’s food should be brought in separate zipper locked bags per serving.

• House food is available at a cost.

• Medications will not be administered unless requested (additional charge)

• If you pooch needs medications, they can be offered and administered at an additional cost.

• Thursday and Tuesday pool activities.

Full Daycare

More than 5 hours

$35 per dog

(10% discount on additional dog)

Half Daycare

Up to 5 hours

$20 per dog

(10% discount on additional dog)

All indoor and outdoor group activities are included.

Daycare Packages

Daycare                                   Rate                                   Specifications

   Unlimited Monthly                       $390                                        Expires in a month.

60 Day Pass                               $1,320                                      Valid for 1 Year.

30 Day Pass                               $750                                        Valid for 1 Year.

      15 Day Pass                                $300                                      Expires in a month.

      10 Day Pass                               $250                                       Expires in a month.

       5 Day Pass                                $150                                       Expire in a month.

* All packages are valid for one dog.

* All packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

* Multipet discount 10%