freeDOGm Daycare

Your pooch will be playing, roaming, and romping freely, plus enjoying the opportunity of socializing with other doggies all day in our +- 20,000 sq ft. indoor/outdoor facility, which includes 4 outdoor parks and 2 indoor parks. The outdoor parks have access to a 20 feet long dog pool for them to swim, splash or just get refreshed during the summer days; always supervised by our dog-care specialists. There is also plenty of water for them to drink and shaded areas to rest under or escape the sun.

Please see below important information about your doggie’s Daycare at freeDOGm:

  • We offer indoor and outdoor parks for off-leash playtime all day (unless otherwise requested).

  • All daycare dogs have access to our 20 feet long dog pool, unless pawrents request otherwise. Dogs are supervised by our dog- care specialists at all times.

  • The pooches are divided into groups according to size and personality to ensure their comfort and respect their natures.

  • Our dog care specialists keep a constant eye on them to make sure they are safe, well behaved, and friendly socializing with their buddies.

  • Personalized one on one play time is available at an additional cost.

  • Food will not be provided for daycare unless requested. Doggies should eat breakfast before coming to daycare and dinner at home after daycare. If requested, feeding during daycare is provided at an additional cost, and owners should bring their doggie’s food to avoid stomach complications due to change in diet. Dog’s food should be brought in separate zipper locked bags per serving.

  • Puppies of up to six-month-old will be fed lunch if requested, at no additional cost.

  • House food is available at a cost. Our house food is a stomach sensitive dry food that is gentle to most of dogs’ stomach, but could still affect some dogs with extremely sensitive digestive systems, and/or dogs with allergies to any of the food's ingredients.

  • Medications will not be administered unless requested (additional charge)

  • Temperament tests are mandatory for all of our new customers. Temperament tests is a process in which we evaluate dogs’ behavior towards people and other dogs, their body language, personality, and other triggers they may have, that can enable us to identify if they are ‘qualified' to be included into our daycare/hotel facility and programs. We want to create a happy and safe environment for all of our daycare and hotel guests, so they can freely and joyfully socialize with other dogs.

  • Not neutered dogs are required to pass the temperament test and sign a Not Spayed/Neutered Agreement before using any of our services. An additional cost will be charge.

    Note:* All daycare packages expire in 90 days from purchase (except Unlimited Monthly).
  • Full Daycare Packages

    Up to 10 hours of playtime
    All indoor and outdoor group activities are included.
    10% off on additional dog

    Half Daycare Packages

    Up to 4 hours of playtime
    All indoor and outdoor group activities are included.
    10% off on additional dog